The action packed anime game from the popular Japaneses manga series is here. Ultimate Naruto will give you an adrenaline rush that no other ninja game can offer.An Awesome Ninja RPG Game

Naruto needs no introduction. It is a manga series ranked among the most commercially successful fictional series in the history. Ultimate Naruto has a large following both inside Japan and in other regions of the world. In fact, “Naruto” ranks ninth in the list of the best-selling manga in Japan. Even in US Naruto is among the best-selling books and ranks along likes of “The Da Vinci Code“.

Given the global success of the series, naturally the series have been adapted into video games in 2003. Naruto gaming series has had the same commercial success as the fiction series it is based on an exciting plot and is action driven. It is no surprise that all big-name gaming platforms have rushed to offer this engaging gaming series for their audience. Consequently, the video game series “Naruto” has issued for consoles from various manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Based On Naruto Fighting Game

Naruto is a series of Japanese manga, created in 1997. It has become a global phenomenon, with numerous animation series that followed soon after. It depicts the story of Naruto as he goes throughout the land trying to kill monsters, in a quest that quickly becomes personal.

Ultimate Naruto gaming series is based on fighting games. The person playing the game controls one of the characters in the series and must win the fight against another character controlled by a computer or a second player. There are special moves for each character based on the supernatural powers depicted in the original series. Children find this gaming series highly engaging since it is an enthralling experience of using one’s quick decision making ability and employing counter-strategies.

the best ninja game online is ultimate naruto. It can be played online and there is no need to download any software

Action in this gaming series is set in the fictional world. The socio-political structure of the world depicted in the same is reminiscent of feudal Japan. There are various small-sized states which are controlled by feudal lords. There is a single ninja settlement headed by independent ruler – Kage. Ninjas are the central character in the storyline of this gaming series. They work as a military force, as well as, participate in the economic life of the state. Their objective is to fulfilling the mission for which they are paid. These objectives range from planting gardens to carrying incursions into enemy territory. Level of technological development depicted in the game is very diverse. On one hand, the characters are at the disposal of modern surveillance cameras and transmitters, while, on the other, there are no firearms and combat vehicles.

Official Naruto Games Online

The first Naruto game (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja) was released on October 23, 2003 in Japan, and in 2006 in the West, on the PlayStation 2. It embraced the typical fighting game style with 1 on 1 close combat within an enclosed arena environment.

Altogether there are now 5 main Ultimate Ninja titles, the most recent was released in late 2007 in Japan and late 2009 in the West.

Two other official Naruto franchises also exist, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes on the PSP, which began as an exclusive in North America and Europe, and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm which took Naruto to the last and current gen consoles, as well as the PC.

Ninja Heroes introduced an RPG inspired leveling system while Ninja Storm brought with it full three-dimensional environments with a more intricate story mode. Between fights, you can even explore an open world based on Naruto’s home village!

More About Game Play

In this rpg game, you can summon creatures and level them up in order to overcome the enemies that come your way. You can also recruit others to strengthen your team, in fact that is a recommended thing, as the AI will do the same. The Ultimate Naruto world is enormous, and it features various locations from the anime series, such as the Death Forest or Konocha village. All of these will offer you with a familiar place that can be visited from a different perspective.

Combat in Ultimate Naruto is fully automatic that is why the result of a match is decided based on the strategies that you create upon starting the game. Ultimate Naruto brings the possibility to take decisions that affect the course of the game, so we invite you to enter one anime game experience that you will never forget. Try this awesome game today, as a world filled with challenges and a plethora of quests awaits you!

Characters Used Throughout the game.

This game is based on the Naruto series and it features the same characters, so it will bring a familiar experience to all Naruto fans. What makes Ultimate Naruto stand out is the fact that it provides a vibrant, living world in which you can interact with other people. That like Naruto, solve quests, have a pet and just have much fun as you explore numerous regions, cleansing them of any enemies that might appear.

During the game, the characters controlled by the players utilize swords, and their special abilities, which include the use of chakras and magical energy. However, using chakra during the same is subjected to strict rules that Kishimoto introduced in order to be able to explain the plot twists easily. Due to these restrictions, the gaming experience has been enhanced for the players for they need to use their best judgment regarding the best time to use their special powers.

Naruto Games Online

If you want to play Naruto online, the console and PC games support such gameplay, allowing you to fight against other people. Players regularly enjoy taking part in tournaments.

If however you are looking for more of a Naruto MMORPG or games that are free to play, there are several third party offerings to check out. These include JutsuONLINE (roleplay based), Shinobi Life (3D action RPG), and browser-based games like Naruto Spirit. There are also more basic flash based fighters for some quick button bashing fun.

One particularly cool Ultimate Naruto RPG is by JoyFun and can be played online for free. “Ultimate Ninja” features lively dialogue and some of the same skills as Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto For All Ages

Ultimate Naruto gaming series is designed and recommended for a wide range of audience ranging from 5 years to 35 years of age. These ninja games also serve as a great bonding experience for the players for it offers a multi-player gaming option where peers can compete against one another. Another benefit of this gaming series is that it enhances a person’s ability to make quick use of their reflexes and make split-second decisions.

Upcoming Naruto Releases

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the hotly anticipated 6th title in the Ninja Storm series, and will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, in the fall of 2015. It will combine traditional fighting with an action adventure world, and online support is expected.